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CRIS Training Options


The Classes

Your job determines the classes you must take. For example, most nurses will need to complete three classes: Introduction to CRIS, Non-Prescriber Order Entry, and Clinical Documentation with Medication Charting. Training for Physicians and other Prescribers will be consolidated into one class called the CRIS Prescriber Training.

Assistance with determining which specific CRIS courses you need to register for (based on your role at NIH) PDF icon (31 KB)

Prescriber Training, Credentialed Only (average 4 hours)

This training is required and is available on-line. Access to training is dependent upon submission of their credentialing packet to medical credentialing. Attending a class is available for special accomodations only. All Prescribers (Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Nurse Anesthetists, Dentists) must complete training, whether that is on-line or class. Training covers the basics of CRIS along with how to enter orders, act on orders, sign orders entered as an agent for you, find, view and enter documentation, and print reports.

Introduction to CRIS (3 hours)

Required for all staff (except prescribers who will be doing order entry). This class covers the basics including orientation to the application screens, how to find patients and patient information, and how to review results, orders and clinical documentation.

Non-Prescriber Order Entry (3 hours)

Required for affiliate staff, which includes nurses and ancillary staff who provide clinical care. This class covers how non-prescribers enter, cancel, discontinue, hold and suspend orders.

Clinical Documentation without Worklist Manager (4 hours)

Required for affiliate and ancillary staff who document clinical information in CRIS. This course covers how to enter, modify, and review clinical documentation.

Clinical Documentation with Worklist Manager (4-5 hours)

Required for nurses and other staff who document clinical information and administer medications. This course covers how to enter, modify, and review clinical documentation. The second half of the class focuses on how to view and document against medication and IV orders using a computerized medication administration worklist.

Worklist Manager (1 hour)

Required for affiliate and ancillary staff who document tasks in CRIS. This course covers how to enter, review and edit clinical documentation of tasks on the Worklist Manager.

NOTE: PDF documents require the free Adobe Reader.

This page last updated 12/06/12


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