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Telecom Ordering Procedures

The Telecommunications Team wants to make it easier for you to acquire your services and equipment.

For your next office renovation project, we encourage all of our customers to review the Service Delivery Intervals and Price Guide to help plan a more cost efficient installation or move. Click here for a copy of Delivery Intervals and Applicable Fees. (Adobe 34kb)

Add or Move a Phone Line

In order to add or move a telephone(s) and/or line(s), you must submit a TSR Telephone Service Request form, have it approved and signed by your Institute/Center's Administrative Officer.  Our online TSR form is available at

Please note, if the work you are requesting requires new wiring and/or new telephone jacks, you can add the additional information to your TSR form.
Your TSR should include the following:

  • point of contact
  • billing account code (BAC)
  • a brief description of work to be done
  • the desired date of completion

Disconnecting a Phone Line

To arrange for telephone lines to be disconnected, you can submit a TSR Telephone Service Request Form   Please include:

  • point of contact
  • billing account code (BAC)
  • a brief description of work to be done
  • a target date for completion

Once we have received your TSR and the billing account code information has been verified, a specialist will contact you to discuss your requirements. 

For additional information, please contact the NIH IT Service Desk at (301)496-4357 - TTY – (301)496-8294. - You may also contact us via the website: 




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This page last reviewed: March 13, 2012