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A new pilot program provides the additional option to receive a text message notification that a case status update has occurred, which will be sent to a United States mobile phone number. USCIS Customers and Representatives that select the option to receive the text message notification acknowledge that Standard Messaging Rates or other charges related to these notifications may apply.
YOU HAVE CONNECTED TO A U.S. GOVERNMENT COMPUTER. IF YOU ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO ACCESS THIS SYSTEM, DISCONNECT NOW. All attempts to access and use this system and/or its resources are subject to keystroke monitoring and recording. Everyone using this system expressly consents to such monitoring and is advised that if such reveals possible evidence of criminal activity or abuse of authority, the information will be reported to authorities for action. Unauthorized access attempts or use in excess of documented authority may subject you to a fine and/or imprisonment in accordance with Title 18, USC, Section 1030 or administrative penalties or dismissal.
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