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CCR ListServs

A number of CCR listservs are available for internal communications.
In addition to the "All Staff" listserv; specialized listservs have been created for target groups/audiences.
All e-mail messages sent to CCR listservs are reviewed/approved by one of CCR's listserv moderators.

Server Name Server Email Address
All CCR Staff
Principal Investigators (ALL)
Lab/Branch Chiefs
Frederick Principal Investigators
Lab/Branch Secretaries (ALL)
Frederick Lab/Branch Secretaries
Female Principal Investigators
Tenure-Track Investigators
Staff Clinicians
Staff Scientists
Clinical Research Fellows
Postdoctoral Fellows
Post-baccalaureate Fellows
ARC Managers and AOs

NCI Intramural Faculties and Working Groups - Click Here to view the complete index of NCI Intramural faculty/working group listservs

NOTE: All faculty/working group listservs are maintained by the Chairpersons of these groups.

Date of Last Update February 12, 2009