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This page serves as a startpoint for the connection to further host pages for novel bioinformatic programs and platforms developed at the NIA-IRP. The now widespread capacity for research laboratories to generate large-scale datasets has necessitated the development of novel informatic technologies. Here at the NIA we have therefore created several new technologies that significantly enhance the ability of the biomedical researcher to extract the most relevant physiological meaning from their datasets. Many of these technologies have been developed by Drs. Bronwen Martin (Head, NIA Metabolism Unit) and Stuart Maudsley (Head, NIA Receptor Pharmacology Unit).

  • VENNTURE is a novel Venn diagram generating tool that can accommodate the input of up to 6 distinct data sets from an excel spreadsheet.
  • VENNPLEX is a novel Venn diagram generating tool that can can separate factors between two to four input datasets.
  • Pancreas++ is a novel software program for the automated quantification of pancreatic islet cells in microscopy images.
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Receptor Pharmacology Unit
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Updated: Tuesday January 08, 2013