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A systems biology approach to understanding metabolism and aging.  The Metabolism Unit utilizes a wide array of approaches to gain a greater understanding of the control of metabolic function during the aging process.  These approaches include genomics, bioinformatics, MRI, metabolic measurements, immunocytochemistry, and rodent behavioral testing.

VENNTURE is a novel Venn diagram generating tool that can accommodate the input of up to 6 distinct data sets from an excel spreadsheet.  VENNTURE allows Venn diagram set image generation with additional intersection data representation viewing modes.  The Venn segment contents can either be viewed in the VENNTURE Venn diagram image itself or they can be exported to an annotated excel spreadsheet.

Martin B, Chadwick W, Yi T, Park SS, Lu D, Ni B, Gadkaree S, Farhang K, Becker KG, Maudsley S.  VENNTURE–A Novel Venn Diagram Investigational Tool for Multiple Pharmacological Dataset Analysis.  PLoS ONE 10.1371/journal.pone.0036911

This software is available for download and is contained in a Winzip file along with the NIH Software Transfer Agreement and a PDF formatted copy of the journal article. Click Here to download the ZIP file. Please cite the following paper when employing this tool in publications or other forms of media.

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Updated: Wednesday January 09, 2013