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VennPlex is a novel Venn diagram generating tool that can separate factors between two to four input datasets. VennPlex has been designed to separate data which possesses a sortable denominator (e.g. official Gene Symbol) with an associated variable numerator (e.g. z-ratio value). VennPlex can separate denominators between sets and also demonstrate the differences in the numerator values for denominators common to multiple set intersections that possess distinct numerical values. Data can be uploaded into VennPlex from Excel™ spreadsheets. The VennPlex application allows multiple modes of Venn diagram set image generation with an additional ability to export intersection numerical variation data to Excel™ spreadsheets. 

While the MicroSoft™ Windows™ is the most widely-used platform in the world, we also appreciate that non- MicroSoft™ Windows™ users represent an important user base. Therefore we intend to develop a running platform-independent version of VennPlex.

Cai H, Chen H, Yi T, Daimon CM, Boyle JP, Peers C, Maudsley S, Martin B. VennPlex – A novel Venn diagram program for comparing and visualizing datasets with differentially regulated datapoints.

This software is available for download and is contained in a Winzip file along with the NIH Software Transfer Agreement and a PDF formatted copy of the journal article. Click Here to download the ZIP file. Please cite the following paper when employing this tool in publications or other forms of media.

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Updated: Thursday November 15, 2012