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NIH Image Processing Interest Group

Image Processing Interest Group at NIH

This updated edition of the NIH Image Processing Directory serves as a resource for anyone interested in learning about NIH projects in biomedical image processing. The site, which includes links to other useful NIH image processing information, facilitates communication and sharing of software among investigators. Since the Web-based version is accessible and easy to update and maintain, we have no plans to produce a paper edition as has been done in the past.

This Web site was developed by the Center for Biomedical Imaging, CIT and the NIH-wide Image Processing Group. Organization of the group includes:

To foster communication among image processing researchers, the group holds seminars that appeal to a broad range of interests, with announcements sent to (local) interested parties, posted on this web site, and published in the NIH Calendar of Events. ONLY NIH staff and local (Washington, DC area) scientists may join the mailing list. We have tried to make the researcher and facility directory as inclusive as possible. NIH investigators should submit an entry or correction to An entry consists of your full name, email address, ULR for the web site, and Institute (at NIH). Entries may be for a personal web site, which describes the investigator, or for a facility web site. If a facility entry is submitted, please provide the name of that facility.