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Applicant Certificates

In order to use the web service interface to submit XML applications directly to, you must obtain a certificate and request for it to be installed on

Obtain / Renew a Certificate

To renew or obtain a new certificate for the Production and Training environments:

  • Certificates must use 1024 or 2048 bit RSA
  • Obtain a certificate from a recognized Certificate Authority: Comodo, DigiCert, Entrust, GoDaddy, Incommon, Verisign, and Thawte.
  • You must keep track of the certificate expiration date, since does not maintain your organization’s certificate expiration information.

Request Certification Installation at

Provide the PMO with the following information using the Certificate Request Form.

  • Certificate Serial Number
  • Expiration Date
  • Organizational DUNS
  • Organization Name
  • Environment to which certificate will be installed (Production or Training)
  • Email address associated with certificate
  • Your Contact Information

Submit this information by clicking the “Email Request” button in the form that will send the request to at will notify you via email once it has been installed.

Authorize the Certificate

After the certificate has been installed, the E-Biz Point of Contact (POC) must authorize the Applicant Status.
Information on AOR Authorization can be found here:

Using a S2S Service Provider

If you are using a grants application system provided by an S2S vendor, your service provider can supply a certificate for you. Otherwise, you may obtain your own certificate from a recognized certificate authority as specified above and give it to the Service Provider.

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