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LHNCBC: Multimedia Visualization
Multimedia Visualization
Multimedia Visualization
The Lister Hill Center performs extensive research and development in the capture, storage, processing, retrieval, transmission, and display of multimedia biomedical data. Multimedia products include high quality video, audio, imaging, and graphics materials.
  • Breath of Life DVD
    The Breath of Life DVD presents the entire scope and content of the Breath of Life exhibition using digital video, audio, 2D graphics, and advanced 3D graphics.

  • 3D Animation
    3D Animation research seeks to design and develop usable, accessible, versatile, innovative, and technically advanced 3D animation.

  • Dream Anatomy
    Dream Anatomy presents a rich collection of images and artifacts reflecting the history of anatomy from the 1500's to the present.

  • PPI Comparison
    Pixels per inch (PPI) research compares the quality differences that exist between images with low PPI and images with high PPI.

  • 3D Scene
    3D scene is the building of scenes by adding images, color, lighting, depth, and other features.