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Many workers aren't aware of the laws that protect their health benefits. This Department of Labor Employee Benefits Security Administration video provides information for workers about their health care rights. The video also has links to additional information to help workers take full advantage of their employer-sponsored benefits.

Agency: Department of Labor

For newlyweds, the first big financial decisions go beyond how to pay for the honeymoon and how to invest all those checks. They also involve starting a new household on solid ground financially.

Agency: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Knowing your benefit options means knowing the basics about health care law so that you can protect yourself and your dependents. And it means finding out now about some common sense steps you can take to make sure you have the level of health care coverage you need at every stage of your life.

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Agency: Department of Labor

Starting a job, marriage, divorce, retirement, death - major life events affect your retirement. Learn more about how major life events may influence retirement planning.

Agency: Department of the Treasury

The Social Security Administration might be able to help you if you or someone you know is victim of family violence by providing a new Social Security number. Information is provided on when and how to apply for a new number.

Agency: Social Security Administration