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Special Issue: Patient-Centered Cancer Communication Research

A December 2009 special issue of Patient Education and Counseling highlighted empirical studies from across the world that inform researchers, clinicians, and policy makers about the salience of patient-clinician communication at different phases of the cancer control continuum, from prevention to end-of-life care. The papers highlight the multidisciplinary nature of cancer communication research. A variety of study designs and analytical strategies are employed. Neeraj K. Arora, PhD, Research Scientist and Program Director in the Outcomes Research Branch, served as an editor of the special issue.

Paper topics emphasize different functions of patient-centered communication and range from:

  • evaluating the quality of communication related to prostate cancer screening;
  • implementing a menu of decision support services to help women with breast cancer make informed decisions;
  • assessing patient and clinician perspectives on communication related to smoking cessation among cancer survivors; to
  • discussing prognosis with terminally ill patients and their relatives.

Also included is a meta-analysis of the findings from several cancer communication studies as well as a commentary on innovative approaches to medical education and training in oncology.

Complete citation:

Arora NK, Street RL Jr, Epstein RM, Butow PN, eds. Patient-Centered Cancer Communication Research. Patient Education and Counseling 2009 Dec;77(3):319-472.

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