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Collaborating with the BCSC: Guidance for Investigators

The BCSC is accepting proposals from researchers who wish to collaborate with the Consortium using our existing data resource. In most instances, services provided by the BCSC Statistical Coordinating Center (SCC) will be free of charge to investigators. All proposal submissions and approved projects must follow SCC procedures, which are described on this web page and in the Guide to Working with BCSC Data (PDF) document.

The Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium is a research resource for studies designed to assess the delivery and quality of breast cancer screening as well as the biology of breast cancer. The development of new collaborations to achieve these ends is a key goal of the BCSC. The BCSC data are available to outside investigators for scientific research purposes and this site provides detailed information regarding the specific variables and how collaborations may be developed.

The data include information at the individual level regarding demographics, breast symptoms, mammogram interpretations and cancer. Because the data is associated with individuals, maintaining patient and provider confidentiality is a primary concern of NCI. Therefore, the BCSC data are managed by the Statistical Coordinating Center of the BCSC. All personal identifiers for all patient and medical care providers have been removed from the data. Investigators are required to obtain approval of their idea and study site access in order to obtain the data. NCI will work with investigators requesting data files to balance their research needs with those of the individuals and institutions included in the data. The Statistical Coordinating Center (SCC) will do analyses if patient confidentiality is a concern.

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