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ICE News Feeds

FOIA Electronic Reading Room - RSS FOIA Electronic Reading Room

Headline News - Top 25 - RSS Headline News - Top 25

ICE Federal Register Notices - RSS ICE Federal Register Notices

ICE Speeches and Testimonies - RSS ICE Speeches and Testimonies

ICE Headline News Feeds by Category

287(g) Immigration and Nationality Act - RSS 287(g) Immigration and Nationality Act

Contraband - RSS Contraband

Counter Proliferation Investigations - RSS Counter Proliferation Investigations

Cultural Artifacts - RSS Cultural Property, Art and Antiquities Investigations

Document & Benefit Fraud - RSS Document & Benefit Fraud

Enforcement & Removal - RSS Enforcement & Removal

Financial Crimes/Cornerstone - RSS Financial Crimes/Cornerstone

Gangs - RSS Gangs

Human Rights Violators - RSS Human Rights Violators

Human Trafficking/Smuggling - RSS Human Trafficking/Smuggling

Intellectual Property Rights - RSS Intellectual Property Rights

Other - RSS Other

Predator - RSS Predator

Secure Communities - RSS Secure Communities

Student and Exchange Visitor Information System - RSS Student & Exchange Visitor Information System

Worksite - RSS Worksite

ICE Headline News Feeds by State

Alabama - RSS Alabama

Alaska - RSS Alaska

Arizona - RSS Arizona

Arkansas - RSS Arkansas

California - RSS California

Colorado - RSS Colorado

Connecticut - RSS Connecticut

Delaware - RSS Delaware

District of Columbia - RSS District of Columbia

Florida - RSS Florida

Georgia - RSS Georgia

Hawaii - RSS Hawaii

Idaho - RSS Idaho

Illinois - RSS Illinois

Indiana - RSS Indiana

International - RSS International

Iowa - RSS Iowa

Kansas - RSS Kansas

Kentucky - RSS Kentucky

Louisiana - RSS Louisiana

Maine - RSS Maine

Maryland - RSS Maryland

Massachusetts - RSS Massachusetts

Michigan - RSS Michigan

Minnesota - RSS Minnesota

Mississippi - RSS Mississippi

Missouri - RSS Missouri

Montana - RSS Montana

Nebraska - RSS Nebraska

Nevada - RSS Nevada

New Hampshire - RSS New Hampshire

New Jersey - RSS New Jersey

New Mexico - RSS New Mexico

New York - RSS New York

North Carolina - RSS North Carolina

North Dakota - RSS North Dakota

Ohio - RSS Ohio

Oklahoma - RSS Oklahoma

Oregon - RSS Oregon

Pennsylvania - RSS Pennsylvania

Rhode Island - RSS Rhode Island

South Carolina - RSS South Carolina

South Dakota - RSS South Dakota

Tennessee - RSS Tennessee

Texas - RSS Texas

Utah - RSS Utah

Vermont - RSS Vermont

Virginia - RSS Virginia

Washington - RSS Washington

West Virginia - RSS West Virginia

Wisconsin - RSS Wisconsin

Wyoming - RSS Wyoming


You can now search ICE job opportunities posted to USAJOBS without leaving These RSS feeds are designed to help potential ICE applicants start their job search.

Compilation of Frequent Search Terms - RSS Compilation of Frequent Search Terms: Displays ICE vacancies posted on USAJOBS. Jobs are filtered to display the most common search terms (e.g. agent, removal, enforcement, etc.) first.

ICE Careers Available to Public - RSS ICE Careers Available to Public: Displays ICE vacancies available to U.S. citizens posted on USAJOBS.

ICE Careers Available to Public & Status Candidates - RSS ICE Careers Available to Public & Status Candidates: Displays ICE vacancies available to U.S. citizens and status candidates posted on USAJOBS.

Homeland Security - RSS Homeland Security: Displays Department of Homeland Security vacancies available to the U.S. citizens posted on USAJOBS.

Other Government Agency News Feeds