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Open Period Studies

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) Biologic Specimen and Data Repository holds two types of research materials in custodianship as Open Collections. These resources may be accessed by qualified investigators for ethically and scientifically appropriate research and are distributed to the scientific community using standardized processes.

Study Datasets and Biospecimens in the Open Period

Study datasets and/or biospecimens from more than 80 clinical and epidemiological studies are currently available as Open Period collections. Most of these have study datasets only; some have both study datasets and biospecimens; and others have biospecimens with limited vial characterization data but not full study datasets. These are available by application through the BioLINCC website, subject to established review processes for their distribution to qualified investigators. For more information on what to expect during the request process access Section 3.0 of the Handbook.

This website allows all users to search and view information on these studies, such as study overview, study documents, and biospecimen counts by material type (if applicable). Investigators wishing to request materials from studies in the Open Period must register (free) on the BioLINCC website. Registered investigators may then request detailed searches and submit an application for data sets and/or biospecimens. To search and/or access a list of the studies with available resources, continue to the Data and/or Biospecimen Requests page. If the appropriate data and/or biospecimens are not found, an Availability Request may be submitted to BioLINCC.

Teaching datasets

The NHLBI has prepared two datasets suitable for use in an undergraduate or graduate level biostatistics instruction program. Either or both of these datasets may be requested at no charge. Website registration is required. To request a dataset for use in an undergraduate or graduate level biostatistics instruction program access the Teaching Dataset page.