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Teaching Datasets

The NHLBI has prepared two datasets suitable for use in an undergraduate or graduate level biostatistics instruction program. Either or both of these datasets can be requested at no charge.

A longitudinal, epidemiology focused datasets was developed using the Framingham Heart Study as the source for the data. This dataset contains three clinic examination and 20 year follow-up data on a large subset of the original Framingham cohort participants. The documentation for the Framingham dataset contains a variable list and coding help for the data.

A clinical trial focused dataset was developed using the Digitalis Investigation Group (DIG). This dataset was designed to replicate the results found in the February 1997 NEJM article. The documentation for the DIG dataset contains a variable list and annotated forms.

Request a teaching dataset.

Users are cautioned that these datasets are completely unsuitable for publication purposes since specific statistical measures were used to create anonymous versions.