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Other People

PI (Last) PI (First) Institute Email Link to Lab Cell Types of Interest Keyword — Diseases / Disorders / Pathway / Technology
Deng Chuxia NIDDK Link to Dr. Deng's Lab iPSCs, Mammary Cells, Hepatocytes Mammalian development and tumorigenesis
Hu Guang NIEHS Link to Dr. Hu's Lab mESC, hESC, neural stem cells, endoderm progenitor cells self-renewal, pluripotency, lineage-specification
Jetten Anton NIEHS Link to Dr. Jetten's LabPancreatic Stem Cells, iPS Cells, ESCs, Trophoblast Stem (TSC) Cells, Mesenchymal Stem Cells, Pancreatic beta Cells Diabetes, Renal Disease/Endoderm, Pancreatic Endocrine Cell, Trophoblast Differentiation Pathways/Glis Signaling Pathways
Kimura Shioko NCI Link to Dr. Kimura's Lab thyroid stem cells, endocrine stem cells, iPS cells thyroid cancer, tissue engineering
Liang Jake NIDDK Link to Dr. Liang's Lab Hepatocytes, Hepatoblasts, Hepatocytes-Like Cells (HLC), iPSCs, ESCs Hepatic Differentiation, Hepatitis C, Viral Hepatitis, Virsu-host Interaction, Genetic Liver Disease
Liu Paul P NHGRI Link to Dr. Liu's Lab iPS cells, hematopoietic stem cells, leukemia stem cells FPD, leukemia, blood diseases
Thorgeirsson Snorri NCI Link to Dr. Thorgeirsson's Lab Hepatocytes, cholangiocytes, fetal and adult liver stem cells Cancer, reprogramming, regeneration
Yang Yingzi NHGRI Link to Dr. Yang's Lab Mesenchymal stem cells, liver oval cells, iPS cells ES cells, osteoblast, adipocyte, chondrocyte, hepatocyte skeletal diseases, liver diseases/tumor

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