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CCR Bioinformatics and Biostatistics Resources

The CCR Bioinformatics Core

The CCR is experiencing an ever-increasing need to develop and deploy new computational and analytical methods, visualization and data integration tools, and related software applications.  To meet this growing need, the CCR charged SAIC with establishing an expanded bioinformatics support program through the Advanced Biomedical Computing Facility.  The CCR Bioinformatics group (CCRIFX) initiated operations in January of 2011 with the objective of assisting and enabling CCR researchers with the management and analysis of the massive amounts of data emerging out of experiments relating to high-throughput advanced biomedical technologies, such as microarrays, proteomics, and next-generation sequencing.  Click on the link above to visit the CCRIFX web site and to request project support.

CCR Bioinformatics Training and Education Program (BTEP)

Scientific Software

To facilitate access to the latest bioinformatics tools and resources, the OSTP has developed agreements with a variety of bioinformatics companies that provide software packages to analyze genomic and proteomic data.  These tools are meant to be accessible to the majority of CCR investigators and NCI contractor employees engaged in collaborative arrangements with NCI investigators.  

CCR Bioinformatics/Biostatistics Toolbox - Access to software for the analysis of gene expression, promoter analysis, array CGH, genetics, signal transduction pathways, and genomics analysis:

Below is a list of all software supported by the NCI Center for Bioinformatics and Information Technology (CBIIT).  Most of these tools can be obtained by submitting a request through the NIH Computer Help Desk (301-496-4357 or )

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