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The national academies contract

General Information

NIH has a standing contract with the National Academies, which allows funding of Academy activities to support the NIH mission. The Office of Science Policy manages this contract, serves as liaison between the Academies and the NIH Institutes, Centers, and Offices interested in funding tasks.

The contract is not a source of funds. Rather, it is an agreement that NIH will fund future Academy activities. The contract allows NIH to issue "task orders," which can be added to the existing contract without creating a new contract for each task. This enables NIH and the Academies to move more swiftly to address pressing policy concerns, emerging public health issues, and scientific opportunities.

Steps to Using the Contract

  • Draft a statement of work and identify an NIH staff member to oversee the activity as the “task leader”
  • Request a proposal from the National Academies
  • Conduct a technical evaluation of the proposal
  • Resolve all questions about the scope, approach, deliverables, and cost of the activity
  • Prepare and sign a task order
  • Transfer funds from the funding office to the contract
  • Monitor the progress of the task
  • Receive deliverables

Samples of Issued Task Orders

The National Library of Medicine’s “Bookshelf” provides PDFs of all the reports and workshop summaries funded by this contract. The PDFs can be accessed at

Additional Information

If you plan to enlist the services of the National Academies and are interested in using this task order contract to expedite funding, please contact Project Officer Sam Crowe, Ph.D., at or (301) 402-7465.

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