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Applicant Reference Implementation

The Reference Implementation is available for developers to assist in the development of their client application and provides a mechanism to check connectivity with It was developed using Java with a MySQL database.

Version 2.0


V2.0:  Applicant Reference Implementation Zip Files


The following files are found in the Applicant Reference Implementation: We recommend starting with the APPLICANT_CLIENT_README file.

APPLICANT_CLIENT_READMEThis file describes basic configuration needed to successfully execute RI, as well as needed security and troubleshooting tips
applicant_commands_batThis file contains commands for running the Web Services using bat included in the RI.
applicant_commands_shellThis file contains commands for running the Web Services using the Shell script included in the RI.


The following folders are found in the Applicant Reference Implementation:

ApplicantClient_CLMain S2S folder which contains Libraries, WSDL, Methods and runtests to make the RI functional
ConfigContains the grantsws-applicant-config XML file used in the web services
SampleXMLFolder directory that contains SubmissionXML for both Single and Multi project
SecurityContains Keystores and Truststores certificates to connect to Please refer to the Applicant Certificates section
srcSource code for the RI.

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