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Applicant Troubleshooting

The following list describes System to System Error Messages. They are returned when the Web Services fail.

Error NumberError NameError Description
00E_METHOD_UNSUCCESSFULMethod was unsuccessful
01E_NO_SESSIONNo session
02E_NO_USER_CERTNo user certificate
03E_NO_CERT_USER_IDNo user ID [serial #] in certificate
04E_INVALID_CERTInvalid certificate
05E_NO_AGENCY_TRACK_NUMMissing agency tracking number
06E_NO_GG_NUMMissing number
07E_NO_USER_IDMissing user id
08E_CANT_RETRIEVE_APPUnable to retrieve application
09E_UNSUPPORTED_FILTERUnsupported Filter"
10E_USER_LACKS_ROLEUser lacks Role necessary to perform this function
11E_NOT_USERS_APPUser not authorized to modify this application
12E_AUTHORIZATION_FAILUREAuthorization Failure
13E_UNRECOGNIZED_GG_NUMUnrecognized Tracking Number
14E_CANT_DETERMINE_USER_AGENCYUnable to determine user's organization
15E_APPLICANT_SUBMIT_DOWNApplicant WS Submission Sub-System is unavailable was unable to receive your submission
17E_APPS_NOT_RETRIEVEDApplications not yet retrieved.
18E_NO_OPPORTUNITY_XMLOpportunity/FOA XML is null or empty
19E_NO_OPPORTUNITY_NUMMissing opportunity/FOA number.
20E_NO_OPPORTUNITY_FOR_AGENCYCould not find opportunity for your agency.
21E_ATTACHMENT_ERRORThe following attachment error(s) were found:
22E_INVALID_XML_USER_IDInvalid user ID in opportunity XML
23E_NOT_AORYou are not designated by your organization to be an Authorized Organizational Representative.
24E_INVALID_USER_PASSWORD_ATTEMPTPlease verify that you have typed your username and password correctly. Note: The password is case sensitive
25E_USER_PASSWORD_EXPIRINGWarning! Your Password will expire in
26E_USER_LOCKEDAlert! This account has been locked because three (3) consecutive unsuccessful login attempts were made. Please wait 15 minutes before attempting to submit an application.
27E_USER_PASSWORD_EXPIREDAlert! Your Password has expired. In order to submit your application you will need to change your password. After you have successfully changed your password submit the application package again.
28E_USER_INACTIVEYour account is inactive.

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