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Help - Grantee/Grant Registration
How does the registration process for existing grantees differ from new applicant organizations?
Existing grantee registration process differs from new application organization registration in that there is no need to create an organization record since it already exists within the HRSA EHBs. All you need to do is create an individual account for yourself and then associate it with the existing organization record.

We recommend you read the registration getting started help.
Who must register?
Following individuals from the grantee organization must register:
  1. Authorizing officials (AO): The individual in the institution responsible for submission of applications and other post award submissions. They are also responsible for updating institutional data such as organization’s address and managing other registered users for their organization.
  2. Project Directors: The individual in the organization most closely tied to the grant activities. Project Directors should register using the “Other Employee” role. Project directors get the ability to manage their grants.
  3. Additional staff members may choose (not required) to register to perform or assist in various application preparation and post award activities. They should also use the "Other Employee" role.
What information do I need to know to register?
Following information is required during registration:
  1. Your role in the grants management process. HRSA EHBs offer three functional roles for external organization users namely Authorizing Official (AO), Business Official (BO) and Other Employee (for project directors, assistant staff, AO designees and others). For a detailed description of roles, click here.
  2. Your organization’s CRS-EIN and/or the 10-digit grant number for a grant that belongs to your organization. Having a 10-digit grant number from an NGA belonging to your organization is strongly recommended so that you can identify your organization record correctly.
After registration can any user from our organization view our grants?
No. HRSA EHBs registration process has been designed to ensure that only the authorized individuals from an organization have access to their grants. First, project directors of grants must register and get access to their grants. Subsequently they can share the grant information and management functions with other individuals from the same organization.