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Test packages available for the community to become familiar with the Adobe Forms: Adobe Test Package 1, Adobe Test Package 2 & Adobe Test Package 3

Fiscal Year 2009 in Review: 2009 Highlights

View Site Features and Enhancements to see how the website has been improved over the years. Annual Report
The annual report for Fiscal Year 2009.

Status of Agency Participation
This document provides a breakdown by agency of opportunities and application packages posted during the current fiscal year.

Security Build Overview

September 17, 2010 

The Security Build is an update to the system to comply with the current National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) security standards. The changes for the build will be available on October 11, 2010. These updates will not apply to System-to-System accounts. Applicants will experience a number of system changes that include updates to passwords and logins, including:
  • New password requirements – new rules when creating a new password.
  • 90-day password expiration – all passwords will expire after 90 days, if they are not changed within that time period. 
  • New change password option – applicants will have the ability to change their password at anytime. 
  • Enhancements to “Forgot Password” – applicants can prompt the system to generate an email which includes a new password.
  • Account lockout for incorrect passwords – the user’s account will lock for 15 minutes if the user provides the wrong password three (3) times within a five (5) minute period. 
  • User role removal after one (1) year of inactivity – accounts that are inactive for one year will be deactivated additionally; AORs will lose their AOR role. 
  • Updates to the user profile – select fields will be read only while other fields can be edited once a valid password is submitted. 
For more details that explain the changes to the system and what to expect once the security build is in place, please visit

If you are an E-Business Point of Contact, please visit for more details.

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