The FTC’s Telemarketing Sales Rule helps protect consumers from fraudulent telemarketing calls and gives them certain protections under the National Do Not Call Registry.  Companies also need to be familiar with rules banning most forms of robocalling.  If you or someone working on your behalf is telemarketing products or services, know the dos and don’ts before you plan your strategy.

Accentuate the Positive When Using Negative Option Marketing Sharable

Everybody likes surprises – except when they arrive on the doorstep in the form of merchandise consumers didn’t order. Negative option marketing offers convenience to consumers, but only if the terms are clearly spelled out beforehand.

Are You "Do Not Call" Compliant? Sharable

According to the millions of Americans who have listed their phone numbers on the National Do Not Call Registry, the program is a rousing success. Is your business “Do Not Call” compliant?

Breaking the Fraudulent List Broker: A Cautionary Tale for Business Sharable

Undercover intrigue and an international sting operation. It sounds like the makings of the latest Hollywood thriller. But it’s the true tale of a law enforcement action that should sound a warning note to companies in the business of buying and selling consumer data.

Business Guide to the FTC's Mail or Telephone Order Merchandise Rule [PDF]

Do you sell products by mail, by phone, or online? This publication discusses what the FTC's Mail Order Rule covers, offers how-to compliance advice, answers common questions, explains where to go for more information – and includes a copy of the Rule.

Compliance on the Line: Telemarketers to Start Transmitting Caller ID Information [PDF]

The Telemarketing Sales Rule requires companies to must transmit Caller ID information. Is your company complying with the law?

Complying with the 900 Number Rule [PDF]

Businesses that operate – or provide billing for – pay-per-call services must follow the provisions of the 900-Number Rule. Find out more about the legal requirements for advertising, billing, and collections.

Complying with the Telemarketing Sales Rule

If your business or organization uses telemarketing, this in-depth guide is a “must read.” Review the dos and don’ts to make sure you’re up on the law, including the ban on most prerecorded robocalls.

Debt Relief Services & the Telemarketing Sales Rule: A Guide for Business [PDF]

Does your business market debt relief services? Read this guide on complying with amendments to the Telemarketing Sales Rule.

Debt Relief Services & the Telemarketing Sales Rule: What People Are Asking [PDF] Sharable

Answers to questions people are asking about debt relief services and the Telemarketing Sales Rule.

Debt Relief Services: Is Your Company Complying with the Rules? Sharable

Amendments to the Telemarketing Sales Rule make it illegal for companies offering debt relief services to charge customers upfront fees. They also must require businesses to disclose important information before signing people up for their services. Is your company in step with the standards?

Guidelines for Managers of Telemarketing Enterprises Who Sell Magazine Subscriptions [PDF]

Does your company sell magazines through telemarketing? Make sure your sales solicitations are accurate, truthful, and complete. It makes good business sense – and it's the law.

Mortgage Assistance Relief Services Rule: A Compliance Guide for Business [PDF]

The Mortgage Assistance Relief Services (MARS) Rule makes it illegal to charge upfront fees and requires specific disclosures in ads and when you forward a lender’s offer to a homeowner. Are you covered by the Rule? Are you up on your compliance obligations?

Mortgage Assistance Relief Services Rule: A Compliance Guide for Lawyers [PDF]

The Mortgage Assistance Relief Services (MARS) Rule includes specific provisions that address attorneys’ obligations. Learn more about activities that fall within the scope of the rule and how to make sure you're in compliance.

Putting Do Not Call Violations on Hold Sharable

Shhh! Listen closely. The sound you don’t hear is the ring of unwanted calls being placed to numbers on the national Do Not Call Registry. Companies that flout obligations can expect to hear from the FTC.

Q&A For Telemarketers & Sellers About DNC Provisions in TSR

Curious about complying with the Do Not Call provisions of the Telemarketing Sales Rule? This publication answers common questions posed by telemarketers.

Reining in Robocalls [PDF]

FTC rules ban most prerecorded telemarketing messages unless consumers have agreed in writing to accept them. If your business is involved with illegal “robocalls,” you could face hefty penalties.

The Day the Phones Stood Still Sharable

Robocalls may sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, but to the FTC, they’re illegal automated telemarketing calls. It’s time to take a refresher on the Telemarketing Sales Rule, which explains how business can use telephones to market to consumers.

The FTC’s Not Hanging Up on Do Not Call Enforcement Sharable

The National Do Not Call Registry gives consumers a choice – and a voice – in whether they want to get telemarketing calls. It’s time to re-evaluate your compliance program in light of FTC law enforcement actions targeting Do Not Call violations.