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The Division of Simplified Acquisition Policy and Services (DSAPS)

Director, Mary Smith
6100 Executive Blvd/6B05C, Phone: 301-496-6014, Email: smithma1@mail.nih.gov

Advises the Associate Director, OAMP, and staff of procedures and practices in the areas of simplified acquisitions, delegated acquisition, and acquisition support programs. Responsible for: (1) planning, developing, recommending and establishing NIH-wide procedures and practices in the area of simplified acquisitions; (2) administers and oversees the NIH Purchase Card Program, providing guidance, training and reviews; (3) administers and oversees NIH’s delegated acquisition system, providing guidance, training and reviews; (4) plans, negotiates, awards and terminates NIH-wide and restricted BPAs; (5) administers and develops acquisition standards and specifications (including commodities) for NIH and other DHHS activities; (6) provides technical assistance to ordering offices, bidders and contractors on the design, manufacture, use and acquisition of equipment, supplies and technical services at NIH; (7) analyzes repetitive acquisitions to ascertain the most cost-effective method, including their consolidation into NIH-wide awards; (8) as requested, coordinates and submits pertinent acquisition business data and documentation; (9) prepares guidance and procedural updates and keeps the community informed of current, relevant simplified acquisition issues; (10) in conjunction with the Acquisition Career Program in OALM, manages delegated acquisition authority function and maintains files; (11) negotiates vendor discounts with open market and Federal Supply Schedule vendors; and (12) conducts discount validation reviews and identifies areas of procedural problems as well as non-compliance by BPA vendors.

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Organizational Structure
Customer Service
  • Customer Service
    Purchase Card: 301-435-6606
    BPA: 301-496-5212 BPAProgramBranch@od.nih.gov
    Simplified Acquisitions: 301-496-0400 SimplifiedAcquisitionHelp@od.nih.gov
  • Acquisition Services and Review Branch
    Chief, Nic D'Ascoli
    6100 Executive Blvd / 6D01
    Phone: 301-496-0400
  • BPA Program Branch
    Chief, Zedekiah Worsham
    6100 Executive Blvd / 6A01B
    Phone: 301-435-3933
    E-mail: worshamz@mail.nih.gov
  • Purchase Card Program Branch
    Chief, Doreen Rappaport
    6100 Executive Blvd/6B05D
    Phone: 301-451-1947
    E-mail: rappaportdj@mail.nih.gov
  • Acquisition Planning and Specification Branch
    Chief, Vacancy
    6011 Executive Blvd / 547-F
    Phone: 301-496-4814
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