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Biospecimen Collections in the Proprietary Period

The NHLBI Biorepository contains biospecimens from studies which are in the Proprietary Period, a period of time in which the biospecimens are stored in the NHLBI Biorepository prior to their availability for sharing according to the NHLBI Data Set sharing policy timeline. The current list of Proprietary Study biospecimen collections and their Parent Study contact information is listed below.

Investigators are urged to refer to Section 4.0 of the Handbook for detailed information on the application process for Proprietary Period studies. The following steps briefly describe the process:

Pre-Submission Requirements

Contact the Parent Study to initiate the discussion regarding your request. Minimum document requirements for Parent Study evaluation include your research plan, your CV, and evidence of your funding to perform the research. Ethical and legal considerations will be assessed as per Parent Study policy. You will also need to provide the Parent Study with your Parent Study Approval Form so that they can document their review and approval.

Submission Process

STEP 1: When the Parent Study has completed its review and has provided the electronic manifest of the biospecimens they have selected for you, you are ready to submit your request into BioLINCC. Selecting Submit Proprietary Study Request will bring up the application screen (You must be a registered user to apply. Register now.).

STEP 2: Complete the required elements of the Proprietary Study Request. These include your administrative and contact information, shipping information for the biospecimens, and a FedEx account number to pay for shipping to you. Select the name(s) of the Proprietary Study(ies) you are interested in from the drop-down box. Finally, the following documents are required attachments to your application:

STEP 3: You will be notified when the BSI Inventory Confirmation Report has been generated. It is your responsibility to forward the Report to the appropriate Parent Study staff for their review and approval on the sign-off cover sheet to the Report. If there are discrepancies, the Parent Study is responsible for providing you with a complete replacement electronic manifest and this process will be repeated.

STEP 4: Scan the Parent Study-approved BSI Inventory Confirmation Report sign-off sheet and upload it to your request. The selected vials will be reserved and a Research Material Distribution Agreement (RMDA) will be posted for you to download, have signed and upload back to your request application.

STEP 5: When all requirements have been met, BioLINCC will forward your request for final approval by NHLBI. Upon receipt of NHLBI approval, BioLINCC will release your requisition to the NHLBI Biorepository to initiate the requisition/shipping process.