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Study Search Help

The study search box is intended to help you find studies quickly by allowing you to specify a wide range of properties on which to search. See below for specifics on how to use the search effectively.

Entering Search Terms

To search for a particular word or phrase, enter your keyword(s) into the Search For text box at the top of the study search box.

Selecting/Deselecting Study Properties

In order to select a specific study property, first pick a category by clicking one of the tabs at the top of the search box. Next, simply click the checkbox next to the desired property. To deselect a property, click the checkbox again. For tabs with multiple checkboxes, a Select All option is available at the top of the list of properties. Clicking this will select all of the properties in the current tab. Clicking it again will deselect all of the properties. You may filter the displayed properties by using the Filter text box available in each tab. Enter one or more keywords into this box to have the tab only show the properties that match your filter keywords. To remove the filter and display all of the properties, simply remove your keywords from the filter text box.

Deselecting Study Properties using the "Selected Properties" Area

Note that this feature is not available on the BioLINCC Home page
When you select one or more study properties, a reminder of the properties selected appears in the Selected Properties area above the study search box. This can be helpful when you select properties from more than one tab. When more than one property is selected for a given tab, the reminder is changed to indicate a count of the number of properties selected (i.e. "Common Properties (2)"). To quickly deselect properties, click the red "X" next to the property you wish to remove from your search. Note that clicking the "X" on a reminder which is displaying a count will deselect all properties in that tab.


To run your search, click on the Search Studies button located on the right side of the study search box.