CEB Projects

Projects in the CEB focus on research and development in image engineering: the capture, storage, processing, online retrieval, transmission, and display of both biomedical documents (mainly journals) and medical imagery. Areas of active investigation center on image compression, image enhancement, image understanding, pseudo-grayscale rendition, image transmission and networks, omnifont text recognition, and man-machine interface design. This applied research and development is directed toward the National Library of Medicine's (NLM) mission-critical tasks such as document delivery, archiving, and preservation. In addition, research into imaging techniques that support medical education packages employing digitized radiographic, dermatological, and other imagery is also being pursued.

Biomedical Imaging

Document Image Analysis

Visible Human Project

Digital Preservation Research

Document Processing & Delivery

Clinical Informatics

Visualizing Rare Books

Web 2.0

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