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Diversity Mr. StubblefieldMr. Larry Stubblefield
Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army


Mission is to maintain Army as a model of diversity by providing a culture that values diversity and inclusion and an environment free from unlawful discrimination and prohibited behaviors, to maximize the readiness potential of every soldier, civilian and family member, thru policy development, practice, workforce analysis and outreach

Key Responsibilities

  • Policy and Program Oversight and Supervision of Diversity, EEO, EO and Command Leadership Programs stems from ASA (M&RA), which is provided by Title 10 USC and US Army General Order 3 the overall supervision of manpower and reserve component affairs of the Department of the Army (Title 10 USC)
  • The Army's lead for civilian and military manpower policy, human resources, the review of soldier records, reserve/active component force structure policy, the Army-wide Equal Employment Opportunity Program and other critical matters as part of the Army leadership (GO 3)
  • Army Diversity
    • Planning for and execution of outreach strategy and support
    • Tri-Caucus assessment of Service progress-MLDC Recommendations
    • Establishment of the Army Diversity Council
  • Hazing Policy and Training
  • SHARP Policy, Training and Resourcing
  • Women in Service Restriction Review (WISR)
    • Request by Congress to review policies impacting/preventing women to serve in combat
  • Civilian Workforce Transformation
  • Career Program Management; Training and Development ARCYBER Command Talent Search Through Outreach

Diversity and Equal Employment Policy and Programs

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