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  • Free File companies have their own eligibility criteria, but none offer Free File to taxpayers with an adjusted gross income of more than $57,000.
  • Other eligibility criteria may include your: age, state, eligibility for the Earned Income Tax Credit, and military status.
  • Check the company's website for details because the companies' offers may differ. For example, some companies charge a fee for state tax returns and some may not support a particular form you need to file.
  • Remember to begin your Free File return on or you may be charged a fee or asked to buy additional products and services.
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Use this tool to help you choose a company. Complete all the statements below, then click the submit button. Only the companies you can use will be displayed. If you cannot answer the questions, you may want to view the complete list of companies and their services.

What is your age?
What is your estimated 2012 Adjusted Gross Income?
What is your residence for filing your 2012 income tax return?
Are you eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit?
Did you or your spouse receive military pay in 2012?
If you need to prepare and e-file your state return, please select your state, otherwise click submit.