Death of a Family Member


Here are suggestions for staying focused and avoiding costly decisions during changing times

Agency: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Publishers of the free Consumer Information Catalog, FCIC's website allows users to order from the hundreds of publications in the Catalog on funerals.  In addition, users can access information on a wide range of topics, such as the credit, saving for retirement, investing, latest scams, updates of consumer news from federal agencies, and more.

Agency: General Services Administration

Knowing your benefit options means knowing the basics about health care law so that you can protect yourself and your dependents. And it means finding out now about some common sense steps you can take to make sure you have the level of health care coverage you need at every stage of your life.

Workers, women

Agency: Department of Labor

Starting a job, marriage, divorce, retirement, death - major life events affect your retirement. Learn more about how major life events may influence retirement planning.

Agency: Department of the Treasury

Warns consumers about unscrupulous businesses that exaggerate the benefits or the appropriateness of living trusts. Provides a glossary of terms, tips for estate planning, and resources for more information.

Agency: Federal Trade Commission

The FTC’s Funerals Web Site

Agency: Federal Trade Commission

Information about how you can report a death in the family and about possible benefits for family members, including surviving spouse, unmarried children, and parents.

Agency: Social Security Administration