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Assortment of dietary supplement pills

ODS Programs and Initiatives

Details about ODS programs including dietary supplement label and ingredient databases, analytical methods and reference materials, evidence-based reviews, and NIH Botanical Research Centers.

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An Overview of ODS

A brief summary of ODS programs and activities: who we are and what we do. More »

Analytical Methods and Reference Materials

A program to stimulate the development of validated analytical methods and reference materials for dietary supplement ingredients. More »


ODS makes accurate and up-to-date scientific information about dietary supplements available to researchers, health care providers, and the public through fact sheets, brochures, exhibits, and newsletters. More »

Dietary Supplement Research Practicum

ODS's annual course for faculty and students, providing a thorough overview of the issues, concepts, and controversies about dietary supplements and supplement ingredients. More »

Dietary Supplement Label Databases and Surveys of Supplement Use

Database under development. Will provide the composition of dietary supplements derived from analytical chemical data. Also includes Web links to federal government reports on dietary supplement use in the U.S. More »

Evidence-Based Reviews

Systematic reviews of the scientific literature on the efficacy and safety of selected dietary supplements. More »

NIH Botanical Research Centers

ODS co-funded dietary supplement research centers focused on botanical safety, efficacy and biological action. More »

ODS Research Portfolio

The majority of the ODS budget supports research on dietary supplements in collaboration with many NIH institutes and centers. More »

Dietary Supplement Ingredient Database (DSID)

Web link to an ODS co-developed database providing estimated levels of ingredients in dietary supplement products. More »

Vitamin D Initiative

ODS-led efforts pertaining to vitamin D as well as resources for researchers. More »