NIH Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program exists at NIH as a comprehensive, confidential and voluntary benefit to employees allowing them access to problem-solving resources.

Each EAP consultant possesses a comprehensive skill base that enables him or her to address situations such as

Career Counseling


The WFLC offers private confidential sessions with professional career counselors. In these sessions employees can explore topics such as


  • Self Assessment
  • Training
  • Career expectations
  • Career transition
  • Career management



Career counselors also conduct small group workshops. Some topics include


  • Conflicts with an employee, supervisor or family member
  • Illness or injury of an employee, coworker, or family member
  • Performance and/or conduct issues
  • Substance abuse or chemical dependency
  • Career transitions or conflicts
  • Management consultation

EAP consultants work with you to assess the situation, consider problem-solving alternatives and develop a plan to implement such options. The plan may include referral to both NIH and community resources.

In addition to assisting individual employees or supervisors, the EAP works with groups of employees, providing seminars, group crisis consultation, and other supportive services.

The EAP may serve as the primary response team in critical incidents affecting the individual or the worksite. Services are free of charge and are available to all NIH employees, as well as specific family members or significant others.

Contact Information


For more information or to make an appointment, call the EAP at (301) 496-3164 or go to the EAP website at The EAP office is located in Building 31, Room B2B57.