Each recipient must carefully manage all of the reporting requirements associated with BTOP grants. These resources provide the guidance, templates, references, and other information necessary to comply with quarterly and annual Federal reporting requirements.

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Reporting

ARRA is the source of BTOP funds and places specific reporting requirements on all BTOP award recipients. ARRA requires each recipient to submit reports no later than 10 days after the end of each calendar quarter.

  • – To fulfill reporting obligations, each recipient must access, the central government-wide data collection system for Federal agencies and recipients of Federal awards under ARRA. The data submitted will be reviewed and then made available to the public on to ensure BTOP fund utilization transparency and accountability.
  • BTOP ARRA Reporting (July 2010)

Financial Reporting

BTOP awards are subject to financial reporting on a quarterly basis and each recipient must submit the Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB) Standard Form 425 Federal Financial Report (SF-425 FFR). A recipient must demonstrate that its internal accounting systems and controls comply with Federal grant management and accounting requirements governing the receipt and expenditure of Federal award funds. Each recipient will submit the Federal Financial Report (FFR) through the Post-Award Monitoring (PAM) System.

Performance Progress Reporting

The recipient is obligated to submit quarterly and annual Performance Progress Reports (PPR) to BTOP via the PAM System. The main objectives of the PPR are to gather key accomplishments, planning data, and project budget and actual expenditures. The Federal Program Officer (FPO) will analyze submitted data to monitor the completion and achievement of key benchmarks and milestones of the recipient’s project. Each recipient will submit the PPR through the Post-Award Monitoring (PAM) System.

The recipient will use the following narrative reporting form for its first quarterly PPR:

For all subsequent PPRs, the recipient will use the following reporting forms:

The webinars below provide valuable information on preparing the required PPRs.

Baseline Reporting

The recipient is also required to submit a Baseline Report during its first quarterly reporting period. This report includes a baseline project plan that details key outputs and outcomes from the project on a quarter-by-quarter basis and indicates how milestones and key indicators submitted during the BTOP application phase may have changed as a result of special award conditions, new information, or other events. This is a one-time report and will not be required to be submitted in future quarters.

Instructions for Baseline Reporting.

Forms for Baseline Reporting.

Post–Award Monitoring (PAM) System

The PAM System provides the recipient with a single location to submit post-award documentation. The functionality of PAM enables the submission of post-award report packages and documentation to Federal Program Officers (FPOs) for review. Recipient performance reports will be posted and publicly available on the NTIA BTOP website 30 days after submission. Only BTOP recipients can access and use PAM, and they must receive a password from NTIA before using the system.

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