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Marketing Orders and Agreements
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Marketing Orders and Agreements
Marketing agreements and orders are initiated by industry to help provide stable markets for dairy products, fruits, vegetables and specialty crops. Marketing orders help to maintain the quality of produce being marketed, standardize packages or containers, and authorized advertising, research and market development. Each order and agreement is tailored to the individual industry’s marketing needs.

AMS Marketing Order Programs  

Milk Marketing Orders -- Federal Milk Marketing Orders are used to stabilize conditions for fluid milk -- to make the buying and selling of fluid Milk an orderly process upon which dairy farmers, milk dealers and consumers alike can depend

Fruit and Vegetable Marketing Orders -- These marketing orders help fruit and vegetable growers work together to solve marketing problems that they cannot solve individually. They help balance the availability of quality product with the need for adequate returns to producers and the demands of consumers.

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  Last Modified Date: 04/25/2011