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Help - Funding Opportunities Getting Started
What are funding opportunities?
Funding opportunities are HRSA's competitive grant offerings for a given fiscal year. The funding opportunities listed on this website contain all the offerings published in the annual HRSA Preview. Additional grant offerings may later become available as a result of programmatic planning or Congressional action, and will be published at this website.
Where can we find funding opportunities?
Funding opportunities are available on this website. A funding opportunities search page is provided for you to easily find the various opportunities that are currently available.

Funding opportunities or announcements are also published in the Federal Register and HRSA Preview.

A synopsis of each opportunity is also available at
What features are available on this website related to funding opportunities?
Following are some of the features that you will find useful:
  • Each opportunity is searchable based on a number of parameters.
  • Two views are available to browse the opportunities. The "results" page provides brief information on each opportunity while the "details" page provides complete information regarding the opportunity.
  • Modifications along with history is available. You can view each modification with a brief note on what was modified. All previous versions are available in its entirety.
  • When guidance is released, it is posted here.
  • Instructions on electronic submission related to each opportunity are available.