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Cancer Control Publications (CC Publications)

About CC Publications

The Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences (DCCPS) funds over 900 grants annually. CC Publications is a searchable database that highlights publications resulting from DCCPS-funded research and staff research findings. These publications have been retrieved through PubMed, grants final reports, and staff reporting. If you do not see a DCCPS-funded research publication that should be included, please send the citation, grant number, and principal investigator (PI) name to

By highlighting the research publications in cancer control and population sciences, we hope to facilitate literature reviews, share information on the state of the science, and help researchers identify gaps in knowledge in order to write novel grant applications. We value our staff's, contract investigators', and grantees' scientific expertise and diligent work in the field. We hope that by posting their publications on this site, we are able to share the breadth and depth of cancer control and population sciences research.