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Cancer Control Publications (CC Publications)

CC Publications FAQs

What is CC Publications?
CC Publications is a searchable database developed by DCCPS that includes staff, contract investigators, and grantee publications. This database demonstrates the depth and breadth of research publications in cancer control and population sciences funded by NCI.

How far back does CC Publications go?
CC Publications currently has DCCPS staff, contract investigators, and grantee-funded publications from 1998-2011.

Why isn't my paper in CC Publications?
CC Publications currently includes publications that resulted from DCCPS-funded research between 1998 and 2011. If you have a DCCPS-funded research publication that should be included, please send the citation, grant, and principal investigator (PI) name to

CC Publications includes only publications from DCCPS-funded investigators. It does not include publications from investigators without DCCPS funding who may be using DCCPS-funded databases or infrastructures such as the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) data sets or national surveys. CC Publications links to other publication tracking systems that include publications from DCCPS-funded databases such as the SEER-Medicare data sets that are being used by researchers who are not funded by DCCPS.

How are the publications coded?
The publications are coded based on the following information:

  • Cancer site/type
  • Program in DCCPS
  • MeSH headings (these are keywords that PubMed uses for coding publications) or keywords

Other search terms that are inherent in the citation are the journal name, date of publication, and an open text search for author name, article title, and keywords.

Why was CC Publications created?
CC Publications was created to highlight our grantee and staff research publications and to communicate the return on investment to our stakeholders and constituents.

How is CC Publications different from other bibliography databases?
The citations in this database directly relate to their funding source. All of the publications in CC Publications resulted from DCCPS-funded research (i.e., grants and staff publications).