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Celebrate African American History Month

Evolving from Black History Week to Black History Month to the current African American History Month, each February for more than 80 years, the United States has honored the contributions of African Americans to American society.

This year’s African American History Month theme is “Black Women in American History and Culture.” The theme honors the women who played a variety of roles shaping our country. You can view art and photography collections from the Library of Congress, learn more about African American women’s roles over the years and view upcoming events this month at the official African American History Month page.

The National Park Service manages and preserves many areas that commemorate African American heritage. Important events and people are remembered at sites such as the Booker T. Washington National Monument in Virginia, Fort Davis National Historic Site in Texas, African Burial Ground National Monument in New York City and many more.

One of the most celebrated gifts of African American culture is its cuisine. Learn 26 tested and tasty recipes for favorite African American dishes, including home style biscuits, jambalaya and peach cobbler.

Learn more about exhibits and collections from the federal government honoring African American history and culture.