Diversity and Outreach Committee - The Intramural Research Program of the National Institute on Drug Abuse

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Diversity and Outreach Committee

Jean Lud Cadet, M.D. - Associate Director for Diversity and Outreach

NIH Bayview Research Center
251 Bayview Boulevard
Baltimore MD 21224

Voice: 443-740-2656
Fax: 443-740-2856

Email jcadet@intra.nida.nih.gov


The DOC is charged with the task of building a comprehensive diversity program within the NIH/NIDA IRP. Its mission is thus to recruit high school students, post-baccalaureate students, and postdoctoral students, with the long-term goal of developing and recruiting tenure track scientists from under-represented populations in order to increase diversity in biomedical science. The Committee’s tasks also include developing community outreach programs that will benefit the diverse populations living in Baltimore. These programs will aim to provide better community awareness and understanding of drug abuse research programs at the NIDA IRP.


  • Research Training for Under-represented Populations in Science. 
    Each summer, NIDA IRP sponsors research activities for students from groups who are underrepresented in science.  Students work full-time in laboratories located in the research facilities of the NIDA IRP in Baltimore.
    >>> Learn more about this program.
  • Partnership with the Patterson High School Science Club (PHSSC).
    Patterson High School, located approximately 1 mile from the IRP, is one of the largest high schools in Baltimore City with a student body of 1,400.  It is also one of the most diverse high schools in the local area with a population of 72% African American, 14% Hispanic, and 2% Native American students.

    The NIDA IRP has partnered with the Science Club of Patterson HS to increase the participation of their students at NIDA IRP.  Students can work part-time during the academic year. Full-time positions will be available for Patterson Students through a competitive process.
  • Intramural Research Training Award (IRTA) Positions for under- represented post-bac, graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows: NIDA SD Fellowship for Diversity in Research
    This mechanism serves to promote mentorship of young scientists from underrepresented populations by NIDA IRP scientists. These activities will help to ensure the success of these students in their pursuit of careers in science and medicine. Fellows will participate in research and will present their findings at local and national meetings. 
    >>> Applications are being accepted now.
  • Community Outreach Program at Second Genesis
    In order to improve the quality of life among drug abusing patients and their successful re-entry into the workforce, the Diversity and Outreach Committee has begun a program to provide training of Second Genesis participants and family members.  Proposed training includes literacy training, keyboard skills, general computer skills, GED training, and an informal lecture series.  This program is under the direct supervision of Mary Lee, M.D. who is the PI of an active protocol at Second Genesis. Dr. Lee will work together with post-bac fellows to ensure the success of the program.
    >>> Email Contact Mary Lee for more information.
  • Community Outreach through Archway Clinic
    A similar program of outreach is also under the aegis of Dr. Kenzie Preston, who is the principal investigator who runs the Archway Clinic. These activities will focus on various approaches to help treatment seeking patients during their re-entry into the work-force.
    >>> Learn more about Dr. Preston and Archway.

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