Human Resources

Practical information for human resources and administrative professionals about protecting and disposing of sensitive personal information, recognizing and avoiding B2B fraud, how the Fair Credit Reporting Act applies to your work, and more.

Avoid Fake-Degree Burns By Researching Academic Credentials [PDF] [En español]

Some resumes list credentials — like a college degree or professional certification — that sound credible, but were bought from “diploma mills.” Human resources professionals need to educate themselves on the steps to take to suss out suspect degrees.

Avoiding Office Supply Scams [PDF] [En español]

Businesses, churches, and charitable groups are being bilked out of millions of dollars by bogus office supply firms. Spot the signs of a scam and take simple steps to protect your organization.

Copier Data Security: A Guide for Businesses [PDF]

Does your company keep sensitive data — Social Security numbers, credit reports, account numbers, health records, or business secrets? If so, then you’ve probably instituted safeguards to protect that information. Your information security plans also should cover the digital copiers your company uses.

Disposing of Consumer Report Information? New Rule Tells How [PDF]

Do you use credit reports in your business? To protect the privacy of personal information and reduce the risk of fraud and identity theft, the law requires you to take appropriate steps to dispose of credit reports – and the sensitive information you derive from them.

Donating to Public Safety Fundraisers [PDF] [En español]

Many businesses want to be generous when approached by groups that claim to be affiliated with local law enforcement. Some may consider buying ads in publications that seem to be sponsored by community groups. But before contributing, investigate to make sure your cash is going to a legitimate charity – and not a scammer.

File Share and Share Alike? Sharable

Does your business use peer-to-peer (P2P) networks? Learn the risks of file sharing, how to decide whether to allow it, and what measures you can take to keep your customers’ information – not to mention your own – safe.

Five Steps to Avoiding Office Supply Scams [PDF] [En español]

Businesses, churches, and fraternal and charitable organizations are losing millions of dollars to bogus office supply firms. Follow these simple precautions to protect your organization from paying for goods and services you didn't order.

Information Compromise and the Risk of Identity Theft: Guidance for Your Business [PDF]

These days, it is almost impossible to be in business and not have personally identifying information about your customers or employees. If this information falls into the wrong hands, it could put them at risk for identity theft. Find out the steps to take and who to contact if sensitive data is compromised.

Medical Identity Theft: FAQs for Health Care Providers and Health Plans [PDF]

Explains how medical identity theft occurs, and how health care providers and insurers can minimize the risk and help their patients if they’re victimized.

Peer-to-Peer File Sharing: A Guide for Business [PDF]

Most businesses collect and store sensitive information about their employees and customers. If you use Peer-to-Peer (P2P) file sharing software in your business, consider the security implications and minimize the risks associated with it.

Protecting Personal Information: A Guide for Business [PDF] [En español]

Practical tips for business on creating and implementing a plan for safeguarding personal information.

Taking the Lead to Prevent Identity Theft Sharable

As many as 10 million Americans a year are victims of identity theft. As consumers, we're all concerned, but businesses should pay particular attention. Because the crime hits you in the pocketbook, it’s time to take the lead in the fight against identity theft.

The Lowdown on Laptops: Data Security for the Road Warrior [En español] Sharable

No one appreciates the convenience of today’s virtual office more than the globetrotting Road Warrior. But when you’re away from the office on business, are you maintaining the same high standards for data security?

Throwing the Book at Business Directory Scams [PDF]

The smooth-talking voice on the other end of the line claims to need information to “confirm” your phone book listing. Fast forward a few weeks and your mailbox is jammed with “invoices” threatening legal action if you don’t pay. Chances are you’ve been hit by a business directory scam. Learn to spot – and stop – these con artists.

Using Consumer Reports: What Employers Need to Know

When you use consumer reports to make employment decisions like hiring, promotion, reassignment, and retention, the Fair Credit Reporting Act requires you to take important compliance steps. Find out more about keeping your company within the law.

When Yellow Pages Invoices Are Bogus [PDF]

Unscrupulous promoters have been known to solicit ads for bogus business directories. Before you buy ad space or pay an “invoice” for a listing you didn’t authorize, take steps to recognize deceptive schemes.