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Projected Prevalence (ProjPrev) Software

Version 1.0.3 released January 11, 2013

The purpose of the ProjPrev application is to take Limited-Duration Prevalence statistics from SEER*StatExternal Web Site Policy and apply them to a different population. The population would typically differ in year or geographic area. ProjPrev is primarily used to derive US prevalence by projecting SEER prevalence onto US populations. For more information, view readme.txt

Download ProjPrev version 1.0.3

If you have problems downloading ProjPrev or have questions about the application, please email ProjPrev Technical Support.


For the ProjPrev and SEER*Stat tutorials (PDF), you will need to download both the ProjPrev and SEER*Stat softwareExternal Web Site Policy to complete the exercises.

Suggested Citation

ProjPrev, Version 1.0.3. January 2013; Data Modeling Branch, National Cancer Institute.