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SEER 1973-2009 Cancer Data Available

Released April 16, 2012

SEER Data is now available the for the years 1973-2009. With the new data comes the release of many new statistics and updated versions of software throughout the Surveillance Research Program. See the list below for new and updated data, statistics, and tools now available.


  • SEER Research Data, 1973-2009External Web Site Policy includes incidence and population data associated by age, sex, race, year of diagnosis, and geographic areas (including SEER registry and county).

Statistical Reports and Tables

  • Cancer Stat Fact SheetsExternal Web Site Policy are a collection of statistical summaries for a number of common cancer types. They were developed to provide a quick overview of frequently-requested cancer statistics.
  • SEER Cancer Statistics Review, 1975-2009 (Vintage 2009 Pops)External Web Site Policy is an annually published report of the most recent cancer incidence, mortality, survival, lifetime risk, and prevalence statistics.
  • Fast StatsExternal Web Site Policy is an interactive tool to access statistical tables and graphs based on user selections of cancer site, statistic, race/ethnicity, gender, and age. Data is also available for download in comma-delimited format.
  • Cancer Query SystemsExternal Web Site Policy are web-based data retrieval applications that provide access to cancer statistics stored in online databases. CanQues provides greater flexibility than Fast Stats and data is also available in delimited format.


  • SEER*Stat softwareExternal Web Site Policy is for the analysis of SEER and other cancer-related databases. The following statistics can be calculated: frequencies and rates, survival prevalence, multiple primary standardized incidence ratios, and case listings.
  • DevCan software is used to calculate the lifetime risks of developing or dying of cancer.