Mailing Lists and Feeds

US-CERT offers mailing lists and feeds for a variety of products including the National Cyber Awareness System. The National Cyber Awareness System was created to ensure that you have access to timely information about security topics and threats.

Please Note: The US-CERT RSS feeds have been deprecated and replaced by Atom feeds.

Subscribe to a mailing list

To make it easier for you to receive the information, US-CERT offers four mailing lists that you can subscribe to. You may choose one or more of the following types of documents:

To learn more or subscribe, visit the subscription system. If you're having trouble subscribing, read the FAQ.

Feeds for some of our security documents

You can view US-CERT security documents on our website or use our Atom feeds. You can also add these feeds to your Google, MSN, and Yahoo! homepage if you have one.

National Cyber Awareness System (NCAS) Feeds

Additional Website Feeds

Unsubscribe from a mailing list or change your email address

To change your email address, you must follow the instructions for unsubscribing your old email address and then subscribe with your new address. To unsubscribe, you need to be able to read messages sent to the address you are unsubscribing, although you do not need to send the email from that address.

  1. Open your email client and choose the option to compose a new email message
  2. In the To: field, type
  3. In the Subject: field, type unsubscribe
  4. In the Body of the message, type one of the following options, substituting the email address you are unsubscribing for the example text:

    unsubscribe technical-alerts
    unsubscribe alerts
    unsubscribe security-bulletins
    unsubscribe current-activity

    Note: You do not need to send the email from the account you are unsubscribing.

  5. Remove any additional text from the body of the message, including a signature line (if your email client automatically adds a signature when you send the message, disable this feature or type end at the bottom of your message)
  6. Send the email (this does not complete the process)
  7. Check your email at the address you are unsubscribing for a message from US-CERT asking you to confirm the change
  8. Reply to the message (make sure the confirmation number appears in the Subject: of the message), adding one of the following words to the beginning of the Body of the email:


    Note: If you cannot send email from the address you are unsubscribing, you can copy the information into a message sent from your active email account. Make sure the correct confirmation number appears in the Subject: and either accept or reject appears in the Body.