Contacting US-CERT

See Exchanging Email with US-CERT for additional information. Review the Traffic Light Protocol FAQ for information about how US-CERT manages sensitive information.

Technical comments or questions

If the purpose of your communication is a cyber security incident report, vulnerability report, or any other technical question related to cyber security, contact the following group:

US-CERT Security Operations Center

  • Phone: +1 888-282-0870
  • Email:
  • PGP/GPG key:
  • Fingerprint:
    3EC2 7B68 B072 B65C 9044  BE9C 07B7 E916 BDE5 AC10

Media inquiries

US-CERT Public Affairs

  • Phone: +1 202-282-8010

General questions or suggestions

US-CERT Information Request

  • Phone: +1 703-235-5110
  • Email:
  • PGP/GPG key:
  • Fingerprint:
    47EC EBC1 F3BB DDFD FC25  FFAF 06AD 6EAB E96C 965B

Postal Address

  • Mailstop: 0635
  • 245 Murray Lane SW Bldg 410
  • Washington, DC 20598

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