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People with Health Conditions

Do you have a chronic health condition? In this section you will learn which health conditions increase your risk of getting the flu or experiencing flu-related complications and special steps you should take during flu season.

A woman grasps her hands in pain

Arthritis & the Flu

Learn which types of inflammatory arthritis and arthritis medications increase your risk of flu-related complications.

A person uses an inhaler

Asthma & the Flu

Get information on keeping yourself healthy and preventing the flu-related complications common for people living with asthma.

A male cancer patient

Cancer & the Flu

Learn how living with or surviving cancer increases your risk of flu-related complications and how to keep yourself healthy this flu season.

A person uses a blood sugar monitor

Diabetes & the Flu

Get tips for preventing the flu, managing your diabetes if you get the flu, and information on additional treatment recommendations for diabetics.

An elderly woman checks her blood pressure

Heart Disease & the Flu

Learn how heart disease weakens your body’s ability to fight the flu and how you can stay healthy this flu season.

Four women wear HIV/AIDS red awareness ribbons

HIV/AIDS & the Flu

Learn how HIV/AIDS increases your risk of prolonged illness and serious complications, including pneumonia. Read about how you can prevent the flu and its side effects.