National Institutes of Health Stem Cell Interest Group

Stem Cell Interest Group

The Stem Cell Interest Group was established to enhance communication and to foster collaboration among scientists from varying disciplines interested in stem cells.  Topics of interest include fundamental stem cell biology, ontogeny, gerontology, and the therapeutic potential of stem cells. The SCIG serves as an open forum for discussion and dissemination of knowledge about all aspects of stem cell biology.  Stem Cells

Steering Committee
Alan Michelson, 301-594-5353,
Cynthia Dunbar, 301-496-1434,
Kenneth Boheler, 410-558-8095,
Manfred Boehm (Co-Chair), 301-435-7211,
Nadya Lumelsky (Co-Chair), 301-451-9834,
Yosuke Mukoyama, 301-451-1662,
Mahendra Rao, 301-594-6667,

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