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CIT supports the Video Relay Service enabling sign language communication over video conferencing equipment. CIT VideoCasts, Podcasts, and Connect meetings can be enhanced with captioning to enable people with hearing or language challenges to fully participate in NIH communications.

Live Captioning

Captioning Live Streaming Events

Webcasts and other live broadcasts are open captioned on the fly. In order to keep up with the speed of spoken words, captioners enter text on the fly using a special captioning device similar to a stenograph machine. The machine allows them to transcribe speech with keystrokes representing phonetic sounds, phrases and even words rather than typing words letter by letter. Therefore, while the captions you see on screen show what the captioner heard, the spelling is not always perfect, particularly when the speech involves medical terminology, foreign words, or unfamiliar names.

Arrange for Live Captioning

CTIVS works with NIH Events Management to provide all the technologies that are required to broadcast an NIH event over the internet. NIH Events Management provides comprehensive conference/meeting support services for NIH conference facilities on the Bethesda campus and surrounding locale. Contact Office of Research Services - NIH Events Management for an estimate and work order number so they can provide in-room support and arrange to send the live video and captioning data to CTIVS. The VideoCast group then encodes the video and captioning data and sends them out over the internet as a captioned VideoCast.

Email: nihevntsmgt@mail.nih.gov

Phone: (301)-496-9966