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Primary Contact

Frank Pozniak



The IP-enabled emergency network created with this grant funding will be used immediately upon completion to (1) distribute updated map data that is loaded directly on the 9-1-1 customer premise equipment (CPE) at over 700 9-1-1 answering positions, (2) collect 9-1-1 call detail records at a central location for access by the State 9-1-1 Department and for the purposes of backing up the data, (3) back up 9-1-1 voice recordings at a central location and (4) monitor and maintain all 9-1-1 CPE. Additionally, the PSAP will have the ability to access criminal history data, provide radio over IP connectivity and share other public safety data. As Massachusetts transitions to NG9-1-1, the IP-enabled emergency network will be used to carry voice, photos, video, text, location and other NG9-1-1 data as well as to provide interconnectivity between Massachusetts PSAPs and interstate connectivity for PSAPs.