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Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine 2006 cover graphicWritten by experts in stem cell research, this report describes advances made since 2001 and outlines the expectations for future developments. It discusses current stem cell biology, not limited to NIH-funded research. Authors explain research using cells from embryos, fetal tissue, and adult tissues. The report was originally written in 2006, and NIH is adding new chapters as new areas of scientific research emerge.

The entire report may be downloaded free of charge from this page, either as a single PDF file (3 MB) or by chapter (click on a "PDF" link below to download a PDF of that section). You will need a software viewer such as Adobe Reader to view the files.

  • Front Cover (656 KB PDF)
  • Table of Contents (52 KB PDF)
  • Introduction (12 KB PDF)
  • Chapter 1: Embryonic Stem Cells (880 KB PDF)
  • Chapter 2: Bone Marrow (Hematopoietic) Stem Cells (1.3 MB PDF)
  • Chapter 3: Repairing the Nervous System with Stem Cells (372 KB PDF)
  • Chapter 4: Use of Genetically Modified Stem Cells in Experimental Gene Therapies (348 KB PDF)
  • Chapter 5: Intellectual Property of Human Pluripotent Stem Cells (44 KB PDF)
  • Chapter 6: Mending a Broken Heart: Stem Cells and Cardiac Repair (105 KB PDF; added Aug 2007)
  • Chapter 7: Are Stem Cells the Next Frontier for Diabetes Treatment? (245 KB PDF; added May 2008)
  • Chapter 8: Alternate Methods for Preparing Pluripotent Stem Cells (628 KB PDF; added June 2008)
  • Chapter 9: Are Stem Cells Involved in Cancer? (218 KB PDF; added September 2009)
  • Chapter 10: The Promise of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs) (182 KB PDF; added May 2010)
  • Chapter 11: Introduction: Bone Structure, Function, and Formation) (312 KB PDF; added December 2011)

Reference citations of this report should use the following:

Regenerative Medicine. Department of Health and Human Services. August 2006. </info/scireport/2006report.htm>

Stem Cells: Scientific Progress and Future Research Directions cover graphicYou can also read the 2001 report, Stem Cells: Scientific Progress and Future Research Directions.